Audiobooks: The Theatre of the Voice

Yours truly in the dressing room before a performance. (No costumes or makeup needed in the recording booth!)
Books, books, books! Do you prefer to read or to listen?
An audiobook script on an iPad, with character dialogue highlighted in colors.
The inside of a recording booth at a professional studio. Narrators often keep the lights low so their eyes can focus on the text in front of them
The award-winning audiobook that John Keating and I co-narrated with two other actors. Some audiobooks are released only on Audible, while others are made into CDs.
The sound engineer’s console at a professional recording studio. On the computer screen is the recording software, along with the text of the book.
The inside of a home studio. Note the computer at the back, used to capture and edit the recording.
The view from my seat in the recording booth. (Can you spot the tea?)



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